CarX Highway Racing PC

CarX Highway Racing sparkles itself with its realistic physics, a divergence from CarX Drift Racing Online, providing an immersive racing experience. Players navigate high-speed races on bustling highways, where graphics raise the excitement. The game’s focus on realism and visual enhancement creates a thrlling journey through bustling roads.

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You can play CarX Highway Racing PC with 2 methods:

  • CarX Highway Racing for Nintendo Switch
  • CarX Highway Racing using Android emulators

CarX Highway Racing for Nintendo Switch

If you want to play Nintendo Switch games on your PC or a larger screen, you have a few options. Let’s discuss them:


Remember that emulating Nintendo Switch games requires a powerful gaming PC. Make sure to check the recommended PC specs for each emulator to ensure smooth gameplay. And don’t forget to use a controller for a better gaming experience.

Additional INFO

Game Information
GameCarX Highway Racing
DevelopersCarX Technologies, LLC
GenreRacing, Arcade, Adventure
Release Date14 Mar 2024
Required Space1.0GB
Supported LanguagesENG, JPN, POR, SPA, FRA, GER, RUS, CHI
Age RatingGeneral
Compatible withNintendo Switch

CarX Highway Racing using Android emulators

Playing CarX Highway Racing on Nintendo is not free, but you can play the Android version of CarX Highway Racing for free on PC. Simply download an Android emulator on your PC, which will emulate an Android device on your computer. And CarX Highway Racing PC game download using emulator and install the CarX Highway Racing mod apk PC.

Download CarX Highway Racing mod apk for PC:

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CarX Highway Racing PC Features

Campaign mode

In CarX Highway Racing PC’s captivating Campaign Mode, you’ll experience the thrilling world of street racing:

Global Adventure

Prepare yourselves and explore various landscapes in CarX Highway Racing PC. From the dehydrated deserts of Texas to the attractive beauty of Australia, France, and Russia, your journey to success evolves  across continents.

Unveiling Secrets

Enter into the depths of underground organizations by taking part in races. Your mission is to Expose Winston’s covert empire and break it down piece by piece by winning races.

Unmasking the Syndicate

The Syndicates in CarX Highway Racing PC conceal dark secrets. Expose them promptly, for the dangers are significant. Stop their wicked plans from coming to completion.

Expand your network

Build partnerships with allies who support your journey to break down secretive empires, and block Syndicate plots, ensuring success in unraveling underground riddles.

Campaign modes

Great Cars Selection

The CarX Highway Racing PC offers an outstanding selection of over 40 cars. Whether you’re a fan of sports classics, regular vehicles, powerful muscle cars, or cutting-edge supercars, there’s an option for every racing fan. From sturdy pickup trucks to sleek modern hypercars, you’ll find your dream ride waiting for you.

Great Cars

Realistic Physics

Buckle up and get ready to feel the excitement! The game’s physics engine is precisely tuned to provide a genuine experience.As you hold the simulated steering wheel, you’ll sense the raw power of each car. Every horsepower, every turn—it’s all there.

Performance Upgrades

Upgrading the car’s performance is necessary to dominate the track. Improve your car’s components to boost its performance. Fine-tune the engine, and suspension, and optimize your vehicle for maximum speed and control. Grab the steering wheel, start your engines, and prepare to dominate the highways with driving experience.

Performance Upgrages

Competitive Racing

Compete head-to-head with other players that are battling to secure 1st place. The racing track is ready for you to drive on. Test your skills, from drag races to thrilling drifts, and leave your opponents behind.

Various Game Modes

When playing a game, you have different options to keep things interesting. Time Attack; Where you race against the clock; Staying in the Pack, where you compete with others; or aim to Complete Your Run Without a Scratch. These modes add variety and prevent boredom. In Police mode, Stand on the side of justice and stop culprits before they escape. Your engine’s roar and flashing lights will strike fear into the hearts of criminals.

Unique Events

Capture the chance to acquire powerful vehicles through unique events. Immerse yourself in a vast range of challenges and competitions to unlock vehicles. Each event offers an opportunity to obtain rare and powerful cars and enhance your gaming experience.

From extreme races to skill-based trials, these events offer thrilling gameplay and rewarding outcomes. Start your journey to collect and showcase these unique vehicles, showcasing your skills and dedication in the world of virtual automotive proficiency. Don’t miss out on these special events, where exceptional cars await those who dare to participate.

Visual Customization

Express yourself with colorful shades. Modify every aspect of your vehicle, from mirrors and lights to skirting and bumpers, or decide on streamlined body kits. Unleash your creativity with limitless possibilities, allowing you to personalize your car to match your unique style. Showcase your individuality on the road as you transform your vehicle into a reflection of your personality and preferences. With no limits to restrain your creativity, the only limit is your creativity. Let your colors shine and stand out from the crowd.

Free Ride

Experience the freedom of unrestricted movement. Engage in Unlimited mode, allowing you the freedom to savor driving and take a break from endless pursuits. Compete against competitors and earn significant rewards, adding excitement to your journey. Enjoy the thrill of exploration and relaxation as you navigate the open roads, unrestricted by time or constraints. Embrace the opportunity to test your skills and earn distinguished prizes in this immersive mode.

Free Ride Mode

Day/Night Mode

In the CarX Highway Racing game, players can experience the adrenaline rush of exploring famous locations like Paris streets illuminated in the evening glow, speeding through Texan highways obscured in darkness, or racing under the blazing Australian sun. Each setting offers unique challenges and stunning visuals, immersing players in thrilling races.

Escape the Police

In CarX Highway Racing, dodge relentless police pursuit as patrol cars relentlessly chase you. Avoiding them becomes a separate challenge, adding intensity to each race until you successfully outfox them and reach the finish line.

Escape the Police


CarX Highway Racing is paid on Nintendo. But you can play its Android version on a PC by using an Android emulator.

CarX Highway Racing is not an open world, you can explore the racing adventure on the racing track.

If you want to install CarX Highway Racing on a PC, you should install an Android emulator on a PC, and then install CarX Highway Racing.

You can play the CarX Highway game offline. And to take part in multiplayer you need to be online.

CarX Highway is paid on Nintendo. But you can play the Android version free of cost on a PC using the emulator.


In conclusion, CarX Highway Racing for PC offers an immersive experience with its realistic physics and captivating gameplay. Players can enjoy high-speed races on bustling highways, customized to their liking. With various game modes and unique events, the game provides endless entertainment. Whether it’s dominating the track or exploring the open roads, CarX Highway Racing delivers excitement at every turn. Plus, with the option to play on PC using Android emulators, the game is accessible to all racing enthusiasts, making it a must-play for fans of the genre.