CarX Drift Racing Online download free

CarX Drift Racing Online download free for PC

The full gameplay is available in paid subscription of the game but you can download it with some limited features, such as you can’t get part in multiplayer mode in CarX Drift racing free download. The Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation4, and Microsoft Windows are CarX Drift Racing Online platforms.

Other CarX Games are available on Android and IOS, while CarX Drift Racing Online is only playable on PC systems. It is an epic game with hilarious graphics and gameplay. It provides an immersive gaming experience to racing enthusiasts. This is paid game but you can download CarX Drift Racing Online download free with limited features.

Additional INFO

CarX Drift Racing Online download free

Game Information
GameCarX Drift Racing Online
DeveloperCarX Technologies, LLC
CategoryRacing, Driving
OSWindows 7 and up
Release DateNov 17, 2017
Latest VersionPTR 2.21.0 v1
AvailabilitySteam, PS, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft, CarX Store
Cost$6 to $30 (Based On Store)
CarX Drift Racing Online download free

Table of Contents

CarX Drift Racing Online features

Real Drifting Simulator

In the empire of racing games, the CarX Racing Online is an eccentric art of drifting. It provides a realistic racing simulator. All the elements within the game look real like smoke and tire marks on the road. It also provides realistic physics in aspects of acceleration, braking, suspension, and drifting. It offers an immersive and realistic gaming experience that expresses the thrill of drifting like no other.

Simple and Intuitive Controls

CarX Drift Racing Online download free features simple and intuitive controls that allow players to perform precise drifts with ease. The handbrake plays a major role in drifting. The throttle and steering also determine the impact of angle and speed.

Diverse Car Selection

CarX Drift Racing provides more than 40 unique sports vehicles. You can choose your best car according to the race type that suits your driving style.

Diverse Car Selection

Variety of Tracks

This CarX provides a wide range of racing tracks including

Tokyo Highway

This is a long track that takes you through the streets of Tokyo. It is a great track for beginners.


This track is a mountain road, famous for its challenging corners. It is a great track for experienced players.


This track is a replica of Nürburgring Nordschleife, which is a legendary track in Germany. It is one of the most difficult tracks and not for softheart players.


This track is a copy of the Ebisu circuit, a popular drifting track in Japan. It is a fast track to check drifting skills.

Fuji Speedway

This track is from the Formula One race track in Japan. It is a great place for drifting.

Nevada Highway

It is a long track that goes through the desert of Nevada. It is a very impressive drifting track.

Industrial Zone

This track is a labyrinth of industrial buildings and warehouses. It is an awesome track to test your reflexes.


This track is built on a port with a variety of containers and cargo ships.

Gameplay Customization

The customization options allow you to tune gameplay according to your choices. You can change the appearance of vehicles with a wide variety of body kits, spoilers, paints, jobs, front bumper, hood, roll cage, skirts, rear bumper, spoiler, headlights, side mirrors, and vinyl.

Gameplay Customization

Gaming Modes

CarX Drift Racing Online modes include:

Online Championship

This CarX takes the drifting experience to the next level with its online multiplayer mode. You can compete with others from all over the world, showcasing your drifting skills and elevating your gaming experience. The tandem drifting, where two players drift in close formation, adds an extra challenge and excitement.

Online Championship

In single-player mode, you can race against AI opponents. Drive better than opponents to earn the top position in the game.

Online Championship

In this mode, you race against the clock and reach the target in time to win the race. You can also beat your best time in this mode. 

Live Cameras and Replays

CarX Drift Racing Online download free allows you to watch your car from different angles and surroundings. You can also watch replays of your last drift. Use arrows to backward and forward your replays. You can also play, pause, and speed up your replays. These features can be a great way to learn drifting techniques and improve your skills.

Live Cameras and Replays

Comprehensive Tutorial

At the start of the game, it provides a comprehensive gaming tutorial. In this tutorial, the new players learn to drive. It is a great way to learn about the basics of drifting. After some practice you master’s in drifting.

CarX Drift Racing Online cars list

Class 1

  • Panther M5 – Mazda MX-5 ND
  • Hachi-Roku – Toyota Corolla AE86
  • Bimmy P30 – BMW M3 E30
  • VZ 210 – VAZ (Lada) 2107
  • Dacohosu – Toyota Celica A20/A30
  • Panther M5 90-s – Mazda MX-5 NA
  • Hachi-Go – Toyota Corolla AE85

Class 2

  • Godzilla R3 – Nissan GT-R R33
  • Solar – Mitsubishi Eclipse 2G
  • Imperior – Mercedes-Benz 190 E Evo 2
  • Thunderstrike – Dodge Charger R/T (1968-1970)
  • Mifune – Lexus IS 300 / Toyota Altezza
  • Phoenix NX – Nissan 180SX
  • Black Fox – Ford Fox body Mustang
  • Caravan G6 – Volvo 240 Estate
  • VZ212 – Lada 2102
  • Lynx – Mazda RX-8
  • Pirate – Nissan Laurel C33
  • Wutend – BMW M3 E36

Class 3

  • Horizon GT4 – Nissan GT-R R34
  • DTM 46 – BMW M3 E46
  • Inferno – Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat
  • Interceptor – Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2
  • Hornet GT – Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
  • Equator D – Infiniti G35
  • RAVEN R8 – HSV Maloo R8
  • Syberia SWI – Subaru Impreza (2002-2005)
  • Sorrow – Lexus SC Z30 / Toyota Soarer Z30
  • Piranha X – Nissan 350Z Nismo
  • Falcon FC 90-s – Mazda RX-7 FC
  • Wellington S20 – Nissan Silvia S13
  • Kaiju – Nissan Skyline R31
  • Midnight – Datsun 240Z / Nissan S30 240Z
  • Burner JDM – Toyota Chaser JZX100
  • Betsy – Dodge Ram Van (1994-2003)
  • Royal – Toyota Crown (2003–2005)
  • EVA MR – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX
  • Cargo – Freightliner Cascadia (2007-2017)
  • Corona – Toyota Chaser X80
  • Mira – Toyota MR2 W20

Class 4

  • Thor E8 – BMW i8
  • Fujin SX – Nissan Silvia S14
  • Falcon RZ – Mazda RX-7
  • GloriousXZ – Nissan 300ZX
  • Interstate – Pontiac Firebird (1977-1978)
  • Kanniedood – Datsun 620
  • Hot Rod – Hot Rod
  • Hakosuka – Nissan Skyline GT-R Hakosuka
  • Hunter – BMW M2 F87
  • Eleganto – Lexus RCF
  • Judge – Holden Commodore VF
  • Samurai II – Toyota Mark II JZX90
  • Asura M1 – Toyota GT86 / Subaru BRZ / Scion FR-S
  • UDM 3 – BMW M3 GTS
  • Hummel – Porsche 912
  • Last Prince – Nissan GT-R R32
  • Magnum RT – Dodge Challenger R/T (2008-present)
  • Syberia WDC – Subaru Impreza WRX STI (2007-2011)
  • Bandit – BMW M5 E34
  • Warden – Mercedes-Benz CLK W209
  • EVA X – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
  • Unicorn – Nissan Stagea
  • Kitsune – Honda NSX (1990–2005)
  • Flash – Nissan Skyline R34 4-Door Sedan
  • Spark ZR – Chevrolet Corvette C6
  • Rattlesnake – Dodge Viper (2003–2006)

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CarX Drift Racing Online system requirements


  • OS: Windows 7,8,10
  • Processor: Intel i5 4590 or AMD Ryzen 3
  • Memory: 4GB
  • Graphics: 2GB (GeForce 950GT/ AMD R9 279)
  • Storage: 6GB
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • VR Support: Any device supporting Oculus Runtime


  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: Intel Core I5-8300H @2.30GHz
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Storage: 6GB
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 1050GTX 4GB
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • VR Support: Any devices supporting Oculus runtime


You can CarX Drift Racing Online download free from this with some limited game features but the full game isn’t free of cost. You need to buy it from different stores like Steam, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft, CarX Store, and Xbox. Among them, Steam offers it at lower price.

Yes, It is supported by PCs with Windows 7 and above. You can play it offline as well as online.


In conclusion, CarX Drift Racing Online download free stands out as a remarkable racing game, offering a unique and realistic drifting experience. Developed by CarX Technologies, the game’s attention to detail is evident in its graphics, physics, and overall gameplay. With a diverse selection of over 40 sports vehicles and a variety of challenging tracks, players can tailor their experience to match their driving style. You need to pay money for this to experience full gameplay but you can play CarX Drift Racing Online download free with some restricted options.

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