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IOS users also love to play exclusive racing games. The IOS users can play CarX Street on their devices free of cost. You should quit focusing on it as we have a substitute answer for it. You have the option to download CarX Street mod IOS, get limitless money. Enjoy the game and create your name in the gaming race community.

CarX Street mod IOS

CarX Street mod IOS provides limitless features. IOS users can also play their favorite, CarX Street mod ipa, on their devices. They also have access to all mod features such as free money, unlocked vehicles and much more.

Additional Info

Game Information
Operating SystemiOS 13 or later
Size1.7GB + Additional Files
Latest Versionv1.3.0
Last Updated onMar 26, 2024
Apple StoreCarX Street

With realistic graphics, you can enjoy CarX Street mod apk IOS a lot. The graphics will keep you busy for hours. Considering the difficulty of the game, it is not easy to reach higher levels. With each passing level comes more difficulties in the next level. In this game you will need money to upgrade your car and other upgrades . You don’t need to worry about this, because we have an alternative solution. The mod version already has free money and some vehicles are also available for free.

CarX Street usual Features

A wide variety of cars and race tracks

CarX Street gives you more than 40 top racing vehicles to provide the best game. All cars are chosen from brand companies to provide you with a realistic driving experience. Race tracks and locations are also used from well-known motorways, tracks, and locations. Choose a car and track it at your preference.

Immersive driving experience

You experience a realistic driving experience based on true physics in CarX Street. Other small elements like handling, braking, and engine power are also kept in balance. Feel the wrecks and acceleration while playing the game.

Immersive driving experience

Vehicle customization feature

Another captivating aspect of CarX Street is its customization feature. You can customize your car according to your choices. Include the vehicle’s color, shape, tire and rims. Customize the car to your liking and create a definite appearance.

Exciting Game Modes

The top rare feature of CarX Street is the multiple exciting modes. They are exciting enough to keep you busy on the screen for a long duration.

Let’s inspect them briefly.

  • Career Mode
    In this mode, you can discover new car models and new racing tracks. You can also enhance your car’s performance by upgrading parts like tires and nitro boosters to pump up the vehicle’s power. Difficulty also increases with the increasing level hence, an upgraded car is necessary to be champion in every race.
  • Time Trial Mode
    This mode is all about time. You can use this mode single mode or race with other players. As the race starts you have to reach the finishing line first to get to the top position. It is possible only if you are a good player and have good steering control. Race and reach the finish line first before time runs out.
  • Drift Mode
    The most unique part of CarX Street is its drift mode. Drifting is an important element in racing games. Drifting is the soul of the racing game. Show your skills and earn points by passing your vehicle through various spots. Also, avoid your car from restrictions. Drifting is the soul of the racing game. Maintain balance in driving and controlling the vehicle to become the top racer in the game. In addition, you can further your skills by using the practice mode.

Amazing graphics

The greatest achievement of the CarX Street developers is the overall graphic quality. The graphics are crafted in such a way that they provide a good visual experience to players.

Fast Speed Vehicles

The CarX Street garage is full of the world’s well-known companies vehicles. All the vehicles in CarX Street exist in real life . The shape of the vehicles also comprises real vehicles.

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CarX Street mod IOS Features

Here are the details of features of CarX Street IOS MOD.

Free Currency

The mod version of CarX Street MOD for IOS provides free money. Free money is used to upgrade vehicles and other products. It can also be used to buy vehicles.

Unlocked Vehicles

CarX Street mod IOS provides some vehicles free of cost. This is an extra feature in CarX Street unlimited money IOS. The original version doesn’t provide vehicles free of cost; you have to pay built-in-money to buy cars.

Additional Fun Modes

The mod version also provides features that the original version doesn’t. Additional campaign mode is only available in the CarX Street MOD IOS. In this version you can choose short and narrow tracks to keep yourself from beating.

Additional Fun Modes

Pros and Cons


  • Mod version provide unlimited money.
  • Mod version is more entertaining in various aspects.
  • Mod version provide ads-free gameplay.


  • Mod version cause security risks.
  • It causes glitch in some devices.
  • The modified version disrupts the genuine gaming experience.


CarX Street MOD for IOS contains many beautiful and interesting features that make this game more enjoyable than other racing games. All the features of the game are the same in Android and IOS.

CarX Street mod IOS size contains 1.2GB of data to download in addition some internet data is required to download additional files after installation.

Minimum 3GB RAM is required for IOS users to play CarX Street without any lag.

Yes, the official version is available on the Apple App Store. You can also download the CarX Street MOD IOS version from this website.

iPhone X, iPhone11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone 14 can run CarX Street without any lag. iPad mini, iPad air, and iPad pro are also compatible with CarX Street


CarX Street is a superb racing game, providing you with the best graphics and gaming experiences. Hence, it is dominating the racing game community. The players enjoy every aspect of CarX Street. It also increases the screen time due to providing the best gaming experience. Hence, its popularity is increasing day by day. Get CarX Street download IOS for more fun.

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