CarX Highway Racing mod apk v1.75.2 (Free Money, mod menu)

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“CarX Highway Racing,” developed by CarX Technologies, is a new game setting the requirements of a new racing era. It is mostly known for its realistic physics used in it. In this game, players race on congested roads and show their driving skills. Due to its premium features conquering the racing world. Download the CarX Highway Racing mod apk and enjoy the racing thrill.

CarX Highway Racing mod apk

When a racing game enthusiast hears the sound of a car engine in the game, his blood starts flowing. CarX Highway Racing mod apk is a racing game packed with realistic driving experience. All the aspects are fully balanced with real physics. It has secured the space in the most popular racing games in the world. Also try CarX Rally mod apk.

Additional Info

GameCarX Highway Racing
DeveloperCarX Technologies, LLC
CompatibleAndroid 6 and up
Released onJuly 26, 2017
Latest Version1.75.2
Last UpdateApr 08, 2024
Download Size697 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, MOD Menu
Play StoreCarX Highway Racing

A wide range of tracks is here for you to choose one of the best. The vehicles in the game are also customizable in terms of their parts and different paints. You can also change the vehicle’s shape. The game is known for its addictive and challenging gameplay. Due to the creativity of developers and the features included in it, it is gaining the top position in gaming society. And it is becoming the most played racing game.

CarX Highway Racing mod apk

Carx Highway Racing Features

Here are some features that we can see in CarX Highway Racing.

Realistic Physics

The main feature in the CarX Highway Racing is the physics used in it because the physics is lifelike. The engine sound is also like real life. Other aspects like handling, braking, acceleration, and drifting are closely related to realistic physics. You need to maintain speed and have control over the vehicle to avoid accidents.

Campaign Mode

It provides different gaming locations, in this way it offers racing thrill in different countries including Australia, Russia, Texas Deserts, and France. Players have to race across these different locations to become top racers. Each country has a unique racing environment and challenge. It keeps players fresh and more entertaining.

There is a group of gangsters in CarX Highway Racing and Winston is the leader of a criminal empire. You have to destroy his empire with the use of your racing skills and eliminate his illegal activities.
Find out any illegal activity throughout the game before it’s too late. You can make new friends in game that will help you in critical situations. They provide information resources and support about the illegal activities.

Wide Range of Vehicles

CarX Highway Racing provides different types of cars from famous brands. Here 40 sports cars are available for thrill. Each car has its own strength and weakness. Sports cars are known for their best handling. Muscle cars are known as power, while the supercars are known as fastest cars in game but they have cons because fastest cars are difficult to handle.
Choose the car that suits your driving and experience. You can also upgrade cars to improve the car’s performance.

Wide Range of Vehicles

Online Racing

The exciting feature of CarX Highway Racing is online racing competition. Players race against each other to be in first place. Winning competition unlocks the next league.
Here’s are some tips for online races:
Choose the best car according to competition. Some cars have something special in it. Upgrade your car regularly. Car requires upgrades after playing some race.
Practice regularly. Best driving skills require more practice so, practice on different tracks to polish your skills.
Be patient because online racing is more challenging. Don’t be discouraged after losing a race. Keep practicing and try again and again.

Game Modes

CarX Highway Racing offers different game modes. These different game modes keep players entertained for a long duration. Here’s are:

  • Time Attack contains the race against the clock. Reach the finish line before the given time runs out.
  • Race the other bots players reach the finish line first to be the winner of the race.
  • Eliminator involves avoiding being eliminated by keeping in safe range.
  • In Scratchless mode you must compete without damaging your car.
  • Police mode is a unique and challenging game mode in CarX Highway Racing in which you can become a police officer and chase down the criminals that violate the law.

Unique Events

CarX Highway Racing provides unique events in the game. In these events players can rean massive achievements but these events are time-limited.

Free Ride

It provides free ride gaming without police chase and any restriction of law. This mode is very helpful in practice.

Day/Night Mode

CarX Highway Racing provides day/night transition just like real life. It allows players to enjoy the gaming passion in a changing environment. It is also a very interesting mode.

Flee From Police

This aspect in CarX Highway Racing is very exciting. The police keep chasing you until you reach the finish line.

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CarX Highway Racing mod apk Features

The developers have already made the version very interesting but the CarX Highway Racing mod apk provides the more fascinating. Here are the some features provided by mod version:

Unlimited Money

 Unlimited cash credit is available in CarX Highway Racing mod apk; it can be used to buy cars and upgrade vehicles. It can also be used to buy other items within the game.

Unlocked Vehicles

 CarX Highway Racing mod apk also offers many vehicles free of cost , you don’t need to spend extra money to buy these cars. Select one of the best and compete.

Unlocked Tracks

The racing tracks are also unlocked in the CarX Highway Racing mod apk. You can race on your favorite track without any restriction.

No Ads

 There are no ads of any type in the whole gameplay.

CarX Highway Racing mod apk Features

Pros and cons


Here are some pros of mod version:

  • Free vehicles: Mod version provides vehicles without cost.
  • Free Money:  Mod version provides free unlimited money for in-game purchases.
  • VIP Features:  Mod version provides vip features that are not available in the original ; such as free tracks.
  • No Ads: Mod version comes with ad-less gameplay preventing you from getting bored.


Some cons ofCarX Highway Racing mod apk:

  • You may get banned by developers if you use the mod version.
  • Mod version may cause heavy battery consumption.
  • Mod versions are not secure at all. They may contain some malware which affects devices.


Yes this is the best offline racing game for racing enthusiasts.

Yes , CarX Highway Racing is free of cost. And you can also download CarX Highway Racing mod apk also free

1: Download the official version from Google Play Store on Android
2: Download the mod version through the search engine and follow the installation process.


“CarX Highway Racing” by CarX Technologies offers an immersive and realistic racing experience with its true-to-life physics, customizable vehicles, and engaging campaign mode. The game’s online competitions and diverse game modes provide extended gameplay enjoyment. While the mod version enhances the experience with unlimited money and unlocked features, users should exercise caution when downloading from untrusted sources due to potential risks like bans and security concerns. Whether enjoying the standard or mod version, “CarX Highway Racing mod apk” remains a top choice for racing enthusiasts seeking thrilling gameplay.

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