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CarX Drift Racing is the most favorite game of racing enthusiasts with lots of features and addictive gameplay. It is mostly known as a drift racing game. CarX Drift Racing is the most popular racing and drift game with over 30 million downloads all over the world. It provides realistic gameplay based on true physics. This is not available on Playstore but you can play CarX Drift Racing mod apk on android.

CarX Drift Racing mod apk

CarX Drift Racing is a hot racing game with hilarious graphics and gameplay. It is developed nicely by CarX Technologies, LLC. Top racing game with extra hilarious features that will make gaming experience more superior.
CarX Drift Racing offers up to the mark gameplay. The graphics are so real with reality.
The main art in this game focuses on drifting. Gameplay is easy to handle for players. Practice extensively to be the top racer in the game. Unleash the gaming experience with CarX Drift Racing.

Additional INFO

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Game Information
GameCarX Drift Racing
DeveloperCarX Technologies, LLC
Compatible WithiOS 8.0 or later
Release DateJuly 12, 2017
Latest Version1.16.2
Download Size1.4GB
Rating Count17,636
Last UpdateMay 1, 2019
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
App StoreCarX Drift Racing

CarX Drift Racing features

There are the main features offered by CarX Drift Racing:

Realistic Driving Simulator

The game provides a realistic driving experience based on physics in various aspects such as drifting, handling, acceleration, and smoke caused by the friction between tyre and road.

Variety of Cars and Tracks

CarX Drift Racing provides a variety of vehicles with more than 65 car variants. The vehicles are taken from top brands such as Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, and BMW. Every car has unique characteristics. Choose the best car according to difficulty level.
It also provides various racing tracks according to game level. These tracks are well designed and nice-looking.

Career Mode

The career mode in CarX Drift Racing helps to learn basics of the game and elevate their gaming experience. 

  • Play the game to earn money within the game to unlock tracks and cars after completing challenges and winning races. Win the tournaments to earn prestigious cups.
  • As the player passes the career mode, they can get 40 cars. Each car is of different types with aspects of shape, color, speed, acceleration, braking, suspension, and handling.
  • Ghost mode allows the player to race against a “ghost” of his best race. This helps in improving the player’s techniques in gaming.

Customization Options

You can customize the appearance of your car by changing paint and wheels. You can also enhance the performance by upgrading engine power for a specific car.

Online Championship

It also provides online multiplayer gaming in which players from all around the world compete against each other. This is also a great way to test your skills against real time players. Win the online multiplayer races to achieve top position among 5 leagues. Drive in tandem styles with a partner also unlocks premium features.

In online championships you can also compete against your friends and beat their records. These records are then ranked on a global scale.

Replay System

You can save your gameplay and replay their races. From here you can learn from your mistakes and polish your skills.

Realistic Engine and Turbo Sound

The engine sound in CarX Drift Racing is also realistic. It also helps to create an immersive drifting experience. Each car in CarX Drift Racing has its unique engine sounds.
The Turbochargers and blow-off valves are essential components of high-performance cars. The mixed sound of these components is also similar to real sounds.

CarX Drift Racing features

Carx Drift Racing mod apk features

The original version of CarX Drift Racing is also very compelling. But the mod version provides extra features, discussed below:

Unlocked Cars

The mod version provides free unlocked cars that are locked or costly in the original version.

Unlimited Money

 Unlimited money is available to buy cars and other items like upgrading of cars and unlocking of tracks.

CarX Drift Racing mod apk features


  • Backup your game data regularly to Google Play Games to avoid losing your game progress after uninstalling and reinstalling.
  • To avoid glitches and experience better performance, close all other background apps.
  • Keep practice drifting. The more you practice, you will master drifting.
  • Use a handbrake to skid. Handbrake is essential for drifting.

Pros and Cons


CarX Drift Racing provide following pros:

  • Mod version will give free cars. You don’t need to buy them in game.
  • You can get unlimited money in the mod version. It can be used to buy items in game.
  • Mod version is ad free. You can experience the whole game play without any interruptions.


It also provide following cons:

  • Using a mod version may cause security risks in your device
  • The developers may ban you if they caught you; so, don’t play the game online while using the mod version.
  • Mod versions kill the real gaming experience because many achievements are pre unlocked.


CarX Drift Racing mod apk is the modded version of CarX Drift Racing in which whole gameplay is unlocked.

CarX Drift Racing is a popular drift racing game with hilarious graphics.

If you delete CarX Drift Racing without updating it; your game performance will be at risk. You should lose your game data stored in Google Play Games account. Because Google Play Game stores the data only from the latest version. So, please update the game version before uninstalling the game to avoid losing data.

CarX Drift Racing is not available on Google Playstore. But You can download mod version from


CarX Drift Racing mad apk, a favorite among racing enthusiasts, boasts impressive graphics and gameplay, with a strong focus on drifting. Developed by CarX Technologies, LLC, this top-notch racing game offers extra features that enhance the overall gaming experience. The game’s diverse car selection, well-crafted tracks, and career mode provide an immersive and challenging experience. However, while the CarX Drift Racing mod apk offers enticing perks like unlocked cars and unlimited money, it comes with potential security risks and may diminish the satisfaction of earning achievements through hard work.

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